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The Web3 world is here; the metaverse is coming. Opportunities are immense, yet challenges can be daunting.

At Favrit,  our team will help you understand the market, make smart budget decisions and build loyalty programs to build program engagement.  From smart contract development, NFT design to your social marketing strategy,  our team will  advise you on market pitfalls and opportunities and help you get the results you want.

Our Values Our Values

Our culture isn’t just something that we talk about, it’s what we believe…

We do the right thing

We have integrity first

We help each other thrive

We believe in a diverse and inclusive environment

We do good in the world

Team and Advisors TEAM

The Favrit team combines expertise in Web3, Crypto and NFTs.

Johnny Utah
Founder and Ecosystem Builder
Jeanine Chanin Penn
Creative Director
Art Snitch
Partnerships and Creative Team
Brian Liotti
Sr. Dev Team Leader
Social Strategy
Circles Leader
Allen Hena

Portfolio Portfolio

Kindred Hearts

Kindred Hearts is an NFT Art Collectible.  50+ artists contributed to the
project. Each art card is unique. Combining original art, computer generated graphics and mystic symbols that can be used to gamify trading and collecting, this project demonstrates the multiple layers that can enhance your NFT and generate interest/enthusiasm/investment in your project.

We took this from concept to market in 6 months by building relationships with best-in-class artists and creatives. Through this network, we will help you design an NFT that looks great AND feels great because all aspects of its creation are aligned with your unique passion and values.

Web3 Circles

Currently in the design phase, we are launching a concept to exclusively connect Web3 founders through peer-advisory groups.   More to come.

Partners Partners

We are partnering with organizations making a real impact in the world. Learn more about the organizations that we are currently supporting!

We partnered with The Giving Block to help onboard nonprofits, and we are continuing to support nonprofits and commercial enterprises entering the Web3 space.

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If you are interested in a 30 minute complimentary consultation, please contact us and let us know how we can help.