Our Mission.

Our mission is to financially empower under-resourced communities and causes with art, cryptocurrency, and NFTs.

We are driven by our collective desire to affect positive social change through financial inclusion and empowerment.

Ecosystem with Heart.

The Heart is the universal symbol of giving. It’s time for a system designed to empower mankind and encourage giving!

NFTs are here to stay, and we believe the market will grow exponentially. Interest is exploding and our community is founded on giving back to support underserved communities and causes.

Kindred Hearts Project.

The Kindred Hearts Project is an Art Collectible!  We have 50+ Artists who have contributed to the project, and our core goal is to make the world a better place.

Website: kindredhearts.io
Twitter: @favritgiving
Twitter: @kindredheartsio
Instagram: @favritgiving



The Kindred Hearts Genesis launch Implement Year 1 Charity Strategy Donate 20% to 3 nonprofits Onboard our first nonprofits in Q1 IRL experiences at events such as LA Art Show Talent Recruitment


Develop Roadmap 2.0 Develop community tools for engagement/ voting Merch! Charity partnerships and onboarding Explore Metaverse Events Recruit a dedicated Charity FTE IRL experiences (Bitcoin Miami, NFT NYC) Talent recruitment


Coming soon

Core Team TEAM

The Favrit team combines expertise in crypto, NFTs and philanthropy.

Johnny Utah
Founder and Ecosystem Builder
B.Creative Studios
Executive Art Director
Jeanine Chanin Penn
Creative Director
Art Snitch
Partnerships and Creative Team
Lindsay Kokoska
Social Team
Social Strategy
Brian Liotti
Sr. Dev Team Leader


The Favrit team combines expertise in crypto, NFTs and philanthropy.

Allen Hena
Core Team/Advisors
Sheila Darcey
Core Team/Advisors
Core Team/Advisors


We have partnered with The Giving Block to help onboard nonprofits.   We’ve outlined 3 strategic goals for our first year.

  • Create a 30-day onboarding process for nonprofit organizations with nonprofit partner
  • Onboard 10 total social impact organizations as partners using our onboarding process
  • Raise $1.5M in donations for nonprofit partners

Contact Favrit CONTACT

If you are a Creator, Collector or Developer who is mission and value aligned,
we’d like to connect with you! If you are interested in contributing to the project,
please send us a message and let us know how you’d like to support.